Belak Woodworking in Kansas City specializes in high-end wood furnishings, cabinets, custom and finish carpentry. If you have an idea for your space, we can make it happen. Custom Made Furniture and carpentry services from Belak Woodkworking in Kansas City is the best option for home furnishings as well as custom closets and cabinet installations for renovations or bathroom remodeling in Kansas City, KS or Kansas City, MO

Belak Woodworking & Carpentry Shop is the preferred choice of KC home and business owners and also for KC contractors who need the finest solutions in the area of custom built wood manufacturing, custom furnishing and professional carpentry services in Kansas City Kansas and Kansas City Missouri.

Belak Woodworking is a locally owned fine carpentry business in Kansas City, KS that has been helping home and business owners furnish their spaces with high end wood furnishings. Belak Carpentry is located in Kansas City (Lenexa) and serves all of the Kansas Metro including KCK and KCMO.





Wood Furniture


Custom Cabinets

Tables + Desks

Bathroom Vanities

Cabinets + Closets

Built-in Shelving

Custom Built

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