A Stylish Solution for Maximizing Your Home Space

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Custom Home Furniture & Living Room style photograph handmade & built at belak woodworking Llc nearby Kansas City, MO | Furniture Transformation & Office Remodeling kc

How one piece of furniture can provide multi purpose use anytime anywhere?!…

There are many different ways to maximize the use of your home space and effective small space ideas are always welcome by homeowners. How about if you need to have a solution that will provide a flexible option for seating arrangement when you have an event or just entertain friends on a casual basis?

Here is one solution to consider – stylish, effective, and adding your own touch in different scenarios. Belak makes these simple but yet ‘state of art’ cubes that are so diverse and multi-functional, that you will want to consider to own one, two, three, or more and keep re-purposing in a different way. Think about this furniture as a seating area for more than one person. Perhaps, combining more of them can form a coffee/serving table in different shapes.  Do you have a lot of plants? The walnut cube is a perfect solution for a planter and can turn your oxygen producing home decoration into a center piece of your home space.

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By Belak Woodworking Kansas City | Published 7.12.2018

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