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What do you use to organize and store belongings in your house?

It is a fact that people have a different way to organize things around the house. Sometimes storage boxes do the trick, other times a room dedicated as a storage can serve the purpose. Or, a combination of different solutions which makes some tasks to keep everything in order more difficult.

Belak can help with this project. Different closet styles is one approach to take – think about the current space you have in the house and what are the things that need to be organized for easy to reach and find when needed. Build-in closets can save you the headache trying to figure out how to fit more cabinets in a room for storage. Seamless design and optimized space are the main pros of using build-in constructions. Simplify your life and make that move!

We always get super excited to work on custom storage solutions as often these are the most purposeful projects we deliver to our customers. You can search our woodworking portfolio with custom made closets & bedroom closets & closet solutions or browse our furniture catalog with products made of wood from Belak Wood works in Kansas City Give a fresh look to the daily grind with Professional Closet making Specialist at Belak Woodworking LLC in Kansas City, Kansas. Jump-Start your Home Remodeling this year with modern day designed custom-made closets, custom-built closets and bathroom closets –  trendy , modern and outstanding choice for eye catching fixtures custom built in KC (Kansas City, KS) at Belak Woodworking.

So, don’t ever forget to explore the options of organizing your house and get a piece of mind!

By Belak Woodworking Kansas City | Published October 9, 2022

Do you aim to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere of your living space while using simple, straight shapes?!…

One way to achieve this it to add a piece of furniture that will serve as organization solution but also will bring character to your home. Just recently Belak worked on a project to build a Maple bookshelf (finished product shown on the picture). This cabinet has simple enough design to fit any space but is also a great option to store and display valuable items, book, etc. Even knickknacks will look like treasure pieces when showed on these shelves. The cabinet can be added to a living room, office, library room, entertainment space, bedroom, or any other place in your house that needs the perfect display cabinet solution.

So, don’t ever forget to embrace simplicity when creating an ethereal space!

By Belak Woodworking Kansas City | Published August 6, 2022

Custom Home Furniture & Living Room style photograph handmade & built at belak woodworking Llc nearby Kansas City, MO | Furniture Transformation & Office Remodeling kc

How one piece of furniture can provide multi purpose use anytime anywhere?!…

There are many different ways to maximize the use of your home space and effective small space ideas are always welcome by homeowners. How about if you need to have a solution that will provide a flexible option for seating arrangement when you have an event or just entertain friends on a casual basis?

Here is one solution to consider – stylish, effective, and adding your own touch in different scenarios. Belak makes these simple but yet ‘state of art’ cubes that are so diverse and multi-functional, that you will want to consider to own one, two, three, or more and keep re-purposing in a different way. Think about this furniture as a seating area for more than one person. Perhaps, combining more of them can form a coffee/serving table in different shapes.  Do you have a lot of plants? The walnut cube is a perfect solution for a planter and can turn your oxygen producing home decoration into a center piece of your home space.

Check out more product information in our website Portfolio for Walnut Cube

By Belak Woodworking Kansas City | Published July 12, 2018

Finished Home Furnishings & Cabinets design picture custom made & created at Belak Woodworking LLC in the area of Olathe, KS | Furniture Handcrafted Tables & Woodworking Kc
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