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There are so many differant ways to layout and organize an office space. Whether your goal is to have a functional home office settingor to create a commercial office space, the ephasis is to make sure it provides atmosphere to promote productivity and creative thinking. Belak Woodworking can assist with achieving and of your office ideas no matter if your need a singel desk or a complete office firnishing. Belak Woodworking team can provide recommendations for solutions to build custom office desks, bookshelves, cabinets, and much needed storage units such as file cabinets, drawers, and shelving that will optimized your office space.

Do you have a preference for the overall style of your office? Belak Woodworking is specialized in handcrafting of differant style custom office furniture and cabinets. From traditional to modern or contemporary look and feel – Belak can satisfy your test of any design style.

Belak’s pride in creating in-home office furniture and cabinet options has built up over many years of experiance. We can turn your home office ideas into a functional and lifelong business or learning space. Depending on your needs Belak Woodworking can custom build office essential must-haves such as desks, shelving, cabinetry, drawers, but can also enhance the office space into a multi-functional room by adding other types of custom furniture. Think about how an option such as adding a Murphy bed to a dedicaded office room can turn the space into more functional and convenient home solution. The options are endless and Belak Woodworking will dedicate the time and effort to create the custom office or a student learning space you desire and suits your need.



Running out of storage? Maybe you can never find what you’re looking for in your closet. Stop wasting your time looking for clothes in your unorganized closet and have Belak Carpentry design and build the perfect storage system for your space. Add drawers, shelves, shoe storage or jewelry displays to your closet.

A custom closet can make a huge improvement in your day to day life. Couples constantly argue about closet space, you waste time each day trying to find that jacket or pair of shoes that are at the bottom of a pile of clean clothes and you lack organization. Don’t continue to live with your basic closet and have Belak Carpentry install a closet that meets all of your needs.

Belak Carpentry provides woodworking and carpentry services to Kansas City and surrounding areas, including creating custom cabinets with every feature that you can dream up. By maximizing the potential of your closet, with a personalized closet design that is tailored to your exact desires and needs, style and budget, creating exceptional storage and organization that will improve your day to day life.

Custom Closets Designed & Built to Your Specs in Kansas City.

Learn more about Belak Carpentry Custom Cabinetry, Kansas City Closets, and Custom Shelving.

Handmade Cabinets in Kansas City, Ks. Custom Built to fit your needs.

  • A custom storage solution for any space in your home or business, built around your needs.
  • Choose from any paint color that you can find, the benefit to have custom built in cabinetry from Belak Carpentry is that all of the design options are up to YOU!
  • Choose from a variety of style, designs, trim and more! The options are endless when Belak Carpentry builds your built in cabinet system.
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